Day 2

Woke up to snow on the ground, snow coming down, and it snowed all day.

Nina was ready to explore the yard a bit and insisted it wasn’t too cold. Brrrr. 16 degrees. Yeah, that’s too cold.

She found a fort and insisted it was warm inside.

17 degrees is not warm

I talked her into hunkering down by the fire and reading books.

We read The Littles Take a Trip

And the girls worked on their maps and journals for Tennessee.

Did you know that Tennessee was called the Volunteer State because they sent 1500 volunteer soldiers into the War of 1812? I didn’t know that until today. I thought the Tennessee “Vols” mascot was some sort of small rodent. 😂

After lunch we held the Great Cake Bake Off Championship.

It was epic
Mimi’s cake batter
Becca’s Cake batter
Nina’s Fresh raspberry frosting
Becca’s finished cake served with raspberry sorbet
Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and Oreo crumble
Mimi’s cake served with chocolate milkshake
Vanilla cake with butter cream frosting and white chocolate Hershey kiss sprinkles
Nina’s cake held together with a steak knife
Super moist yellow cake with raspberry frosting and cookie crumble

It was hard to choose a Champion.

So I declared Becca champion for Presentation, Mimi for taste, and Nina for creativity.

We ended our snow day with hot baths and watching Chopped until bedtime.

Looking forward to getting back on the road tomorrow to continue our treck across Tennessee.

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Sounds like a yummy day all the way around. I learned about the Tennessee Volunteers in 3rd grade. We had a whole series in the library About the states.


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