Day 3

We were blessed with clear roads to begin our first transition further west.

We decided to find the Lost Sea. So glad we did! What a cool place! Well, it was actually warmer inside the cave than out side, 58 degrees year round!

Really old Stalagtites
Moonshine distillery

Did you know that the body can’t feel the effects of moonshine inside the cave because the air pressure keeps the alcohol in the small intestines? Men had a rude awakening when they surfaced out of the cave after a night in the underground tavern.

Civil War fall out shelter

We had a really great tour guide. Shelby. She was articulate and humorous. Learned that a 13 year old boy discovered the underground lake in 1905. He wasn’t given credit for it until he was the only one to describe the granite at the entrance at age 73.

The sea is spectacular
It is teaming with fish

Beautiful rainbow trout vibrant and thriving in this crystal blue underground lake.

So quiet, calm, and peaceful
The water clean and cool
We are in a boat 150 feet below where our car is parked above.
The Lost Sea with my girls and me

One of the neatest parts of our tour was experiencing totally darkness for a whole minute. Did you know that if you lived in total darkness for 14 days you would go bling? That was a really neat experience.

We got back on the road and headed westward. It wasn’t long before we ran into a winter wonderland.

I decided we were too close to Burgess Falls not to stop and see it in the snow. Just a few miles off I40, we must.

Mimi’s giant icicle

A 3/4 mile hike to the falls brought plenty of icicle licking and kicking.

And snow blowing
Becca cleared every inch of snow from the guard rails
It felt like we were in Narnia

The bluffs were impressive

And the falls spectacular

Here is a few seconds of it live

So powerful

Really glad we took the trail even though it said “treacherous”.

3/4 mile hike back to the car was so easy we ran.

Stubby Legs had to catch up with us

Listen to what she said!


What a beautiful and adventurous day with my girls .


We ran into a snow storm

My heart raced

My palms sweated drivibg

20 miles felt like 100

We finally reach our exit and the car in front of us hits a snow ice patch, spins around TWICE, and keeps going.

I’m dying!

We arrive safely

But then NOBODY is delivering food. Not Door Dash, not Grub Hub. Nobody.

🤪 We find a place close by and venture out again.

I’m shocked…

Scoreboard is absolutely hopping in the middle of a snow storm!

I’m no longer shocked. The food is delicious!

Spicy chicken Quesadillas
Apple salad

It was definitely time to settle in for the night.

We started a Spades Championship snd played 4 rounds.

Nina has no idea how to play.

But she caught on quickly!

Sleepy time set in and we read the first chapter of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and called it a night.

Snow is still falling hard outside the window. I wonder what wonders tomorrow will bring.

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