Day 5

Our last day in Nashville was fun. I decided since we were in Music City USA we should spend the day on Honky Tonk Hwy

Y’all, I straighten my hair about 10 times a year, but never, ever have I had such a captive audience as I had this morning. The girls were just fascinated at the process for some reason and they watched the whole time. I guess it was a show! 🤣

Anyway….we headed out in the snow again, yeah, I’m getting brave, to downtown.

Didn’t even kick it in 4wD. I am getting really brave guys.

We reached downtown and I’m so mesmerized by the buildings, modern high rises and very old historical buildings, that I forgot all about the girls online French class on Fridays at 11:00 EST.

“What day us it Mom?” Mimi asks.

“Um…. I think it’s Friday” I reply.

“And… we’re missing French.”


Good thing the Art museum is closed today so we just stop right in the middle of this snowy parking lot and hop on Zoom from my iPhone, 10 minutes late, and the kids do their French class.

Then we look for a free parking space in town and find this cool 100 year old hotel that used to be Union Station.

We explore it

It’s got some interesting characters

And artwork

And antiques. Nina learned how an old fashioned scale works.

They liked this stairwell. Dang, that’s a long way down.

Mimi reached the bottom first. Becca, not long after, and Stubby Legs (Nina) eventually.

Honky Tonk Hwy is just about a four block walk away, so we walked the snowy sidewalks there.

There are so many neat buildings with incredible architecture on Broadway.

This one is for sale

And here we are at the edge of Honky Tonk Hwy

We stop and check out the visitors center gift shop, and the Sports Hall of Fame Museum.

“Hey Nina (6) what’s the name of Tennessee’s football team?”

“The Moles?”


One thing there is no shortage of in Nashville is guitars.

We have seen every shape, color, size, and design imaginable.

There are giant ones 12 feet tall

And there are miniature ones less than an inch big.

This one is about 4 inches tall and cones with its own leather case.

This one is, well, adorable. 😊

And they are all over the walls and in the arms of everybody on stage.

We ate lunch at Robert’s. Fantastic service and good old fashioned country music tunes. He even has a buzzer go off to remind him it’s time to play another Hank Williams classic.

Burgers and Root beer are the fare here.

Nina country jamming

Also in Nashville, there is no shortage of cowboy boots.

The girls tried on all of them

They found a pair or two they “needed”.

And a pair or two we didn’t.

Do you see the price tag on these?



If I needed these I might need to get a job.

Guess what else there is no shortage of in Nashville.


Cowboy hats.

She needed one of those too.

The girls toting their loot

We were going to do Country line dancing at the Wild-horse saloon, but since the bombing at the vote counting site on Christmas morning at 6:30am, it, and most of the venues on 2nd avenue have been shut down or gone out of business.

So after finding just the perfect hoodies and a couple of souvenirs it was time for coffee and dessert.

I love these cuties

But they have THING for animals….

Can’t stay away from them even in the middle of of a city!

So we held dressed up cats for a while

Then walked back on the snowy sidewalk to the car, all the while with me wondering if maybe our car had been towed since we weren’t staying in the hotel where we parked.

Whew. It was still there.

We headed back to our resort for an evening swim.

They brought their mermaid tails for our 4000 mile trip.

Then it was time to shower, dress, and take their new boots out for dinner.

They bought a lot of pink today.

Even Mimi bought pink

The girls ordered a garlic pesto pulled chicken pizza with balsamic glaze.

I ordered the hot chicken salad

I thought the hot meant…not cold .

It meant hot chicken.

We couldn’t spend our last night in Nashville without stopping at Mimi’s for a pic.

Mimi thought it was pretty special to have an ice cream shop with her name on it.

Nashville was a fun place to visit. Time to hit the sack now for a very long drive tomorrow.

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