Day 8

You guys said you wanted to hear about normal, everyday life stuff on our trip. I hope it doesn’t take anything away from the adventure you are going on with us. I guess if it does, you can stop reading, so I’ll keep on sharing and keeping it real.

Woke up beside this cutie

It was a cereal day.

And a dip in the hot tub

And then off to Bridal Cave

The frozen lake was immense outside the cave.

It was cold and we looked forward to the year round temperature of 60 degrees inside the cave.

Here is the “pipe organ”

The Calcium deposits here are incredible.

There is a little wishing well they collect about $1500 a year in pennies from. They donate it for scholarships.

This is the longest piece of cave drapery in the US. It’s 1/4 mile long.

It took a full crew working 24 hours a day in 12 hour shifts, four years to lay the concrete walkway we walked on using two gallon buckets to haul in the concrete.

The Hidden Lake is beautiful. 18 feet deep and 50 degree water temp.

The lake where we are standing is 200 feet underground. It’s at the end of the cave and there is only one way out, the way we came in.

Our tour guide has been working here 30 years. I think he likes exploring this cave, and so did we!

On the way out the girls reminded me of the free kittens we saw on the way in and wanted to stop.

Becca: “We can act like we’re looking into it, and go see what they’ve got.” 🤣

Do we did

No one was home…. thankfully.

We checkout out the Lake of the Ozarks State Park. We were making a support chain link cause I’m so leary of frozen ice.

Until a park ranger yelled at us not to walk on the lake. I did not argue a second!

It was cold!

Besides, the girls wanted to go Antiquing again.

So we did.

Nina. Love trying in tiny ok’d glasses

And hats

And shoes, and everything.

The big girls found the attic and tried on everything.

And we learned about some interesting female customs of Victorian women and about Chatelaine.

These girls wanted to hit every antique shop in town and explore for hours.

We hit Panera for dinner snd Nina said she was getting her veggies in with this drink.

Our part of the lake had thawed a bit from the beautiful sunny day.

We explored the dock a bit and tried to crack the ice with rocks, but to no avail.

It was hot tub time again

And grapes. Mimi can’t decide which kind she wants. Nina has been head dunking in 100 degree water a while. 🤣

She’s happy about her grapes

I get some great progress made on my cardigan.

I knit and do a little work (at the same time).

The girls play until I drag them out limb by limb.

Mimi made lemon bars

No white cheddar biscuits.

We eat dinner and watched When Calls the Heart.

I hunker down on the floor of my closet, where there is carpet and ironing board to absorb sound, and record the first episode of a radio drama I’m in.

You wonder what writing this blog each night looks like?

It sometimes looks like this. Me tired, us snuggled up, me typing on my iPhone with one hand, and lots of reflection and gratitude that we were given another day on this adventure.

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

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