Day 9

Left Lake of the Ozarks this morning for a two hour drive that took six. Cause that’s how we roll, tee hee.

Nina had to switch from her pink cowboy boots to her black ones for the trip. 😉

It was a beautiful drive through a lot of farm country in Missouri with many, many cows.

It was a gorgeous, warm 68 degree day. Warmest we have felt in a long, long time. So we stopped to explore Busieks State Park

Becca and Nina braved the creek. Mimi and I took the bridge across.

Stumbled across an old Cemetery from 1896

We found a little frozen pond and built our safety chain to test the thickness of the ice.

Mimi is the practical one.

“ Well, if we do fall through the pond is only four inches deep.” 🤣

We hiked 1.2 miles in and almost a mile out. There were some pretty views.

Nina falls behind on trails because she stops to pick up treasures along the way, but she thinks she is just slow.

“I’m not as fast as Mimi and Becca, but I’m just as fast as God made me to be.” ♥️

Some beautiful miss covered rocks in the woods where we meandered off the trail.

Can’t even believe the warm, sunny day we had after all the snow and ice we have had across the country so far!

We decided to stop at a food truck for burritos snd street tacos next.

And we had a picnic in the grass.

We checked in our room snd the girls passed out for 14 seconds.

Then they were ready to explore.

And then swim

They played in the pool until dark.

We found a cute, little, well off the beaten path Italian restaurant that was open. Mr. Gilberti’s

It’s authentic and good. The salad dressings are all homemade and they play Italian Jazz music. I learned tonight that there was such a thing.

Becca learned how to pump gas all by herself on the way home since our gas light was on from getting lost looking for spaghetti. We made it home and the condo is now buzzing with the sweet sound of quiet.

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

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