Day 11

Guess what!

We logged 1000 Miles today!!!

We leave Branson tomorrow, but had a really nice day, doing everything different than I had planned. It worked out, but I definitely want to come back and spend more time here again some day. We need a week or 10 days next time.

Nina likes to stretch to start her day.

We knew Guy Fieri had visited Billy Gail’s on his show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, so we had to check it out.

You read that right. Home of the 14 inch pancake. When they were having to bring out pizza boxes to take home the pancakes, we knew we needed to order a kids pancake and all share it. 🤣

This is the kids pancake.

That is just dumbfounding. I had heard that everything is big in Texas, but so far, I’ve never seen meals as big as in Branson, Missouri.

The decor is very whimsical too.

Check out these creative lampshades.

One of the waiters looked just like Robert Downy Jr. so Becca wanted a picture with him. Scott was so gracious to oblige; said he gets that all day long.

Guess what the girls wanted to do instead of the plan I had..,.

Go antiquing again!

These girls are hooked! They don’t want to go in the stores that have mostly new stuff with a few antiques mixed in, they want to spend HOURS in the “real” antique shops.

They know what they are looking for too!

Where I like looking at vintage cookbooks and primitive kitchen tools….

Mimi and Becca want to find antique lockets and tiny perfume and medicine bottles.

Nina wants to touch everything and find tiny bowls and an antique dresser clock.

There were 58 shops on the “Antiquing We Go” brochure the sweet owner of Keen Eye gave us and said we would enjoy, and she would pray for us our travels. We hit eleven of them.

Then had ice cream.

And headed to Dogwood Canyon

I wish I had know you needed all day at Dogwood Canyon.

We got there 45 minutes before closing time.

This is a stunningly beautiful place.

There is an incredible waterfall just behind the mill.

We definitely want to come back and spend a full day or more here!

We headed into historic downtown Branson. Definitely want to spend a day here on another trip. Just passed through on the way to Guy Fieri’s restaurant for dinner. Couldn’t visit Branson and not at least try it.

On the walk at Branson Landing we stopped in the quilts shop and we all found quilts for our beds.

Guy’s place

Again, a ridiculous size serving of dessert.

Good thing Mimi divided it into 3rds.

It was bedtime when we left.

And bedtime for all of us now.

Driving across the state line tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Sounds like you guys are moving right along and having a great time seeing many sights. The pictures and blog are great!


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