Day 14

It has been two weeks since we ventured out on this trip. All is well.

I noticed the girls are laughing and playing so well together during their free time and Nina is skipping every time we head to the car to go to our next stop.

Our breakfasts are sweet. We talk about what everybody dreamed during the night while we wait on our food.

Mimi made an interesting statement and I want to make note of it in our time of history. She said, “Doesn’t it feel weird for people to be sitting this close to us in a restaurant?” Even with the glass there, I find it amazing how social distancing has affected how we feel in the proximity of others.

We headed out the tour an Alpaca Farm, but in the way, of course I couldn’t pass up a giant field of cows so close to the road. They were this close to the road.

But when we stopped to see them they got very excited and came up this close. The sound of the mooing was something.

When we got to the alpaca farm the girls immediately found all the barn cats and had to pet, hold, and ask ALL the questions about them.

The alpacas are who I wanted to pet. Look how fuzzy!

Most of the alpacas on this farm are the Suri breed. They have long silky, shiny fiber, and are the most rare breed.

I can’t even handle how soft and cute their noses are.

The yarn spun from their fiber has a natural sheen and is so soft and luxurious.

This one was spun from the alpaca named Sam. I took this pic for my daughter, Sam.😊

All of these are the natural fiber colors spun from the alpacas we fed and petted today or their immediate offspring.

They also have one llama. The girls liked him the best because of his personality, like the queen of the pasture, but we all agree that llama fiber is not nearly as soft as alpaca.

But their mane is really soft and his colors are beautiful!

This Alpaca had very similar colors but you can see it is more silky and shiny than the llama.

And feels like heaven!

Jenny Penny (The gray one) hold the fiber championship of 2020 for the entire state of Oklahoma. I can see why. Her color is impressive.

I want one of each color to take home.

We bought getting kits there and the girls have been making little felt alpacas all evening.

Well, it’s been an alpaca day and tomorrow we will a alPACa and head west!

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

6 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Today, if you stop to see cows, horses or alpacas, sing to them!!! My grandson Finn decided to sing a song for three horses and they all stopped and looked with their ears perked. It was the cutest thing! 🙂


  2. Love this trip for you and the girls so much! I know you are making lifetime memories! So special! ♥️


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