Day 15

Today was the worst day of our trip so this post is going to be short.

We had printer issues (meaning we had no printer) for the girls French class work.

We had to do French online, without supplies, pack up and load the car to travel, and Nina spranged her ankle and had to be carried to the car along with the luggage.

We decided to take Route 66 to avoid the Turnpike and avoid the fast traffic and $7.50 toll fee. But gps doesn’t like you to take small back roads so it kept re-routing us to bigger, busier roads that we did not want to be on, took us an hour out of the way, and then spit us back onto the Turnpike where we had to pay a $5.00 toll to go the last 30 miles. ☹️

But we were able to visit the oldest restaurant on Route 66, been there since 1927.

Clinton’s cafe

It’s the first place I’ve seen with Chili on the menu in many many miles, so I definitely ordered it.

I borrowed the green pepper from Becca’s salad because she hates them and it made the chili look better for the pic.

Their chili has a very heavy cumin content and tastes a bit like hot dog chili, but it was hot and hearty.

You want to know the other stuff that stink about our trip I bet….

Well, how does sweaty palms and a racing heart while navigating Tulsa traffic after paying five bucks to a avoid it, making a phone call and missing your exit three different times, and Nina almost peeing in her seat because Mommy is driving around the city aimlessly and indefinitely, because she doesn’t know how to think, listen to GPS, or know what she is doing when she is talking on the phone sound?


Well, we made it to our hotel, unloaded, went to our room, and breathed for 10 minutes. We need to.

Then we found Thai food.

Really good Thai food

Authentic Thai food

The owner waited on us and was wonderful! He and gave us all free Thai Tea. Even Nina got her own.

To be clear, it is 10:15 PM as I write this and she was so wired 15 minutes ago that I had to give her Sleepytime.

They are all snoring now.

After dinner, we walked in downtown a bit because the restaurant owner told us we were so close to the Oklahoma City bombing Memorial that we should go see it at night.

So we did.

This church was on the way. I love old churches.

The Memorial is quite beautiful at night

The girls asked why there were some little chairs next to the big ones. They will learn why when we visit the museum tomorrow. 🥲

Nina wanted to pretend like she was sitting at her desk typing, just like many of the people in the building were when it came crashing down in that horrific act of terrorism.

After hearing about what happened between 9:01 am and 9:03 am on April 19, 1995, suddenly our day didn’t seam quite so bad.

Welcome to Oklahoma City. Looking forward to a new day waking up here tomorrow.

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

2 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Wow. Sounds like a bump in the road day for sure, but glad it worked out OK. I remember driving on route 66 back in the 60’s. I think it might have been about the time frame the TV Route 66 was on. Big city driving can be very nerve wrecking!


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