Day 16

What a day in Oklahoma City.

Breakfast at Kamps

Then we went back to the Memorial we visited briefly last night but went through the museum.

We got a little lost on the way and went into some random office building. It had really neat artwork, working water fountains, and really nice, clean bathrooms!

We found the Memorial Museum and expected to spend just one hour there, but spent three!

What a horrific event and wonderful and enlghtening memorial to honor the 168 people who died in the bombing of the Federal building in 1995.

A phone from the rubble

A computer and file cabinet from the 9th floor.

Interior condition after the bomb

The chairs representing each person who lost their lives.

The reflecting pool has the time before the bombing and after the bombing engraved in the top of the stones at each end. 9:01 and 9:03

It was some pretty heavy stuff so we were ready for a lighter mood and some pizza.

They have a decent wedge salad

Then we headed into Bricktown

Then we browsed a few shops.

We meandered around town trying to keep Nina from skipping into traffic at every intersection. She was determined she was just fine not holding my hand and just skipping merrily along! Oh dear.

They all climbed on David Phelps head.

And we went down a creepy narrow alley for some artistic shots.

The nearest restroom was a brewery so we bought some ginger beer to not feel like street bumbs using it.

We found a confectionary and arcade so the girls ate gelato while I played Mrs. PAC Man and pinball machines for 25 cents.

Nina was still eating her gelato but we had 5:00 tickets on the water taxi tour so we had to get on the canal.

It’s really nice how they rebuilt and repurposed this area of the city. The master plan is very well layed out and creative.

The indigenous people are a huge part of this area.

The artist who re-created the run on the land was brilliant. It is spectacular.

Now I know the history behind the Boomer Sooners and why OU ‘s are called the Sooners.

These guys took the land sooner than the others. (AKA cheaters)

On the tour the guide mentioned this was the tallest building in Oklahoma and that there was a restaurant on the 49th floor that you can read the score board from a stadium from 35 miles away.

They said they wanted to have dinner there.

So we did.

These girls are determined to help me get over my fear of heights.

We got the best table in the house ; a corner window on the west side overlooking the sunset.

Nina’s shrimp pasta kids meal had Megladon shrimp!

My filet was perfect

The girls tried some new things they didn’t think they would like and ended up loving them.

The water was refreshing and clean for a big city.

And the view kept getting better as night fell.

The girls didn’t relieve my fears of how high we were by discussing the possibility of a bomb hitting this building as it did the Federal building we walked through earlier. And the waiter certainly didn’t help by showing us a video of the window washers being blown by a windstorm right outside our window earlier this year and breaking a bunch of glass.

But as the girls delighted in ever single tender morsel they ate, and we watched the sun go down and all the city lights come out, I think we all agree that this was the absolute best way we could have ended our stay in Oklahoma City.

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