Day 17

Can you tell it’s been 17 days since we’ve washed our car?

We are now half way across the country and are trusting this old girl to get us the rest of the way without a hitch! She might need new tires in another thousand miles, we’ll see. I told the girls I hope the Lord didn’t want to teach us how to change a flat tire out in the middle of the desert somewhere.

We hit this famous “Cheap Eats” show dive for breakfast. They make their donuts homemade every morning.

The girls had them with lavendar lates.

We got on the Mother Road (Route 66) and drive across western Oklahoma. Never see the giant, huge, mega windmills before and they were on both sides of the road, close and WAY in the distance for MILES!

We stopped at the National Route 66 Museum. This is a must on a cross country trip out west! Loved it!

Adorable little vintage camper with a cooking stove and ice cooler in the trunk!

Driving vintage cars

And a fire truck

Watching a movie on the back seat at a drive in.

Learning about the history of transportation and the old Ford Model T

Seeing the old town with the houses, shops, and school.

The girls identified every business owner from the series When Calls the Heart. Here is the hospital established in 1929, so it have me the perfect Segway to tell the girls about Black Friday and the onset of the Great Depression. Conveniently, There was a bank next door, so I demonstrated all the townspeople running up to the bank and demanding their money all at once.

When we finished looking at all the businesses in the town, I had them pretend they paid me $20 to buy any of the businesses in the town and in 30 seconds they would be released to run and claim that business by being the first to stand on it’s porch. (kind of like the Boomers “run on the land” with the horses we learned about yesterday).

Here are the businesses they now “own” and “run”.

Mimi is the town Jeweler

Becca is the town Grocer

And Nina is the town doctor

And we saw those giant wind wills again! Antique and vintage style! Amazing equipment and technology!

Farm equipment is just massive. I have a whole new appreciation for farmers now with the thought of running and operating these giant fields and equipment!

Cotton picker

It was a really great day at the museum. It’s a must see on Route 66

We did a little shopping on Ell City afterwards.

Drive right by the ok’d Casa Grande hotel close to this sign but couldn’t take a pic. (Dang driving getting in the way of taking pictures!)

The Bazaar….. is bizarre.

Coffee time. I got a French Press 😊

This is a cool old building with a tin ceiling.

The dressing rooms are open here. We found a couple of cute clothing items we could use.

Nina’s new word for pretty is “Douchious”. She says this dress is douchious.

For dinner we got the jackpot!

The old train depot from 1928 turned into a delicious restaurant with a clever and unique menu.

The Prairie Fire grill is awesome.

It has that same antique tin ceiling and an impressive crystal chandelier.

This was taken from my seat at our table.

The fruit and cheese tray is becoming a new standard appetizer for my kids wherever it is served.

They devour every bite of it!

The garlic vinaigrette is delicious

And the company was amazing. ♥️

Shacking up in an old Rout 66 motel tonight for the first time ever and heading westward across the Texas border tomorrow!

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

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