Day 20

We woke up in the car this morning after me turning the car on for heat at least six times in the night.

Ouch, that was not comfortable, at alL Evwrybody but Nina was scwunched. She is the only one short enough to stretch out in the back seat. The rest of us adjusted positions all night to try to get comfortable. It was a long night.

Breakfast was by recommendation of a local.

The Ranch House in Canyon, TX

They had a brilliant idea to put the menu on the wall at each table. That way no one has to touch it with Covid and you don’t have to pull the menu up on a phone app! That has been a bit frustrating with me being the only one on this trip with a phone.

It was also interesting that one of the police officers having breakfast was singing country songs to his police officer buddies while they ate.

After breakfast we headed back to aPalo Duro Canyon for a serious Adventure! A Jeep Tour!

Boy am I glad I picked up Dramamine at the Trading Post after our hike yesterday! She took it easy because of Nina, but it was me, not Nina that needed the taking it easy for!

This is the road we drove. It was a bit wild.

She told the girls history stories of the Canyon, the 3,300 acre ranch we were exploring, and of the Indian tribes that occupied the area.

Here is part of our ride

It was so bumpy and fun! Nina held on to me.

We got out to see one of the views snd listen for the echo of our voices.

These views about gave me a heart attack but they are spectacular!

The awesome tour guide, Donna told us about the different rituals the native Americans would have in this spot and how this was their sacred rock.

Nina watched and listened intently. I made her stay low so my heart could rest a bit out on the edge.

The girls really are intent on helping me overcome my fear of heights. They are fearless and I don’t know what that feels like in that situation.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

This was such a blast. We will do the 2 hour tour down into the bottom of the canyon next time we are here!

We then headed about 20 miles NW to Amarillo and visited Cadillac Ranch. We stopped to get spray paint on the way.

It was a fun way to spend an hour or so in a giant field in the middle of Amarillo Texas.

I knew that I wasn’t going to leave Texas without eating a steak. Do, we went to the Big Texan.

This place is awesome!

100,000 people have tried and failed at finishing their 72 Oz steak in an hour. Heck, it took me almost an hour to eat my 8 Oz one!

The kids meals come in cute little cowboy hats.

They serenade you with country music too.

After lunch we headed for a long trip across two states. We hit the 2000 mile mark for our trip today. This morning we were in Texas, we drove through New Mexico, and into Colorado. three states in a day and I am about to fall asleep entering this blog tonight.

Impressive amounts of open land.

It’s truly the Wild West!!!

And I saw tumble weeds for the first time!!!

Miles and miles of no buildings, just giant fields of straw colored grass.

I think New Mexico may have the nicest roads dive seen.

The train engineer honked and waved at us!

And we passed two volcanos.

Entering Colorado we were met with a beautiful sunset and the Rocky Mountains with their snow capped peaks in the distance.

I’ve never seen the Rocky’s.

I’m SO glad there was ONE ROOM left at our hotel. We needed beds and showers after the last two nights roughing it in the car and tent!

This is the view from our room.

And finally, to end our day before much needed showers, we are Brick oven pizza from a food truck on the Santa Fe Trail!

Looking forward to exploring tomorrow! Good night all.

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