Day 21

Since we made it to Trinidad in time to grab the very last room of our hotel, we got hot showers, a warm room, a real bed, and we woke up to this view out the window.

I have never see the Rocky Mountains. I will be 50 this year and have never seen them. I feel like this is a trip I needed as much as I wanted my girls to experience.

The hotel continental breakfast had a really good omelet! It tastes better than it looks. And it was just a pre packaged frozen omelet. I was impressed and I am hard to impress when it comes to eggs.

The girls had a blast going up to the window 14 times to order all they wanted for free!

“Want me to get you another coffee, Mom?”

While the girls were having their never ending breakfast buffet, I set our tiny coat closet up as a recording studio. I needed to submit a few clips for the audio drama I am working on right now. I am playing the role of Francesca. We saw something pretty cool regarding that today, so I am giving you a little insight on that.

Sitting in the floor in my make shift recording studio

Since we ended up in Trinidad last minute after having to ditch our plans to stay in Taos, New Mexico due to their new quarantine, I had no idea what was there to explore. Turns out that we were right in the heart of the Santa Fe trail. So, I made it our mission to explore and learn about that!

First stop was ice cream. Wouldn’t you know the parking lot for the ice cream shop was right across from Francesca’s! Becca pointed it out!

“Mom, look! Don’t you play Francesca?”

Well we ARE in the south west! I AM using a Spanish accent for this character, so that was neat to run into.

Tutti Scoops has the cutest little cones.

I got to teach them what tutti meant because I knew they were thinking it was something it wasn’t.🤣

The museums and most buildings in historic downtown Trinidad are closed on Sunday, but we got to see a few neat things.

The cool stores were closed. Nina pouting about that.

Here is the Frank Bloom mansion. He was the big entrepreneur of the town. Along with the Baca family that had 10 children. My seven kids seams small after seeing their family photo!

We found their favorite kind of store OPEN. An Antique shop.

They each found a treasure.

How did people back then have time to sit and read all of these books?

This piano was just a little out of tune.

The ice cream store owner informed us that there wasn’t really a walking trail on the Santa Fe trail. I was wondering why we couldn’t find it. But we went on a short excursion along the walk of the Pugatoire River and learned some more history of the town.

Pretty gruesome how the purgatorial River got its name and there were some interesting characters on the river walk, but I did see a really cool piece of wood.

It looked like the vintage map of the Santa Fe trail.

We decided to go find a nice trail system.

And boy did we!

The Trinidad Lake State Park is beautiful and has several trails of varying lengths. Just look at those Rocky’s in the distance!

There were lots of cactus.

We decided to go on a culinary tour to taste prickly pear!

Some taste like aloe mixed with kiwi, some have the consistency of a gummy bear but don’t have much flavor.

We then spotted fresh hoofed animal scat and were in immediate pursuit.

Pretty sure it was long horned sheep.

There was still snow in spots even at 66 degrees.

It was a fun hunt. Just half a mile trail.

We also encountered tumble weed up close!

The sand and the lake were beautiful too.

Becca has spied sling shots on every trail we have been on this trip.

Tiny clams

My little explorers

For dinner, I wanted to try the Italian restaurant famous for its singing waiters.

It is located in an old church from the late 1800’s and is next to the Bloom Mansion.

Mimi said the bread didn’t even need butter!

Nina liked their Fettuccini pretty good.

And I ended up singing two Italian Opera arias in front of the whole restaurant as well as a duet with the owner! It was a pretty fun night!

We got back to the room in time to watch the newest episode of When Calls the Heart and then went for a swim in the hotel pool.

Nina is getting really good at her dive.

We head west again tomorrow. Good night all.

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