Day 26

We woke up to a snow storm.

In Arizona

Here is our back yard.

I think the Lord knew I needed a day of rest.

The resort has a huge game room we hung out in for much of the day. Playing Jenga, pool, ping pong, Connect 4, and corn hole.

Such a quiet, relaxing day.

We ate lunch and the snow melted so went Antiquing.

The antique stores here seam to all have soda shops or ice cream shops in them. Really neat.

And lots of western stuff. Mimi found horse whips.

Our resort is really neat. It is designed to look like an old western town.

This birch tree is so cool with the white and brown bark.

My shoulders were sore from driving 20 hours yesterday so so decided to get in the hot tub while the girls reserved the game room for an hour.

It felt so good and it’s the first time in 25 days that I have had any adult conversation. There was a couple from southern California that were telling me all the cool stuff we needed to do when we got there. That was awesome.

The resort also has a old western Saloon that serves really good food and we played pool.

Their chili is yummy and salad dressings homemade.

Looking forward to a day of exploration tomorrow. Wonder what we’ll see!

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

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