Day 31

For breakfast we tried Darby’s. Warning. The Cinnamon roll is big enough for six people.

Do you remember the night we tent camped on the rim of the Palo Duro canyon, and it felt like the wind was going to lift the tent off the ground all night?

Well, I found out today that the campground we stayed at got hit by two tornadoes on Saturday night destroying 6 RV’s!

Here is one of them.

I am blown away with gratitude we weren’t there on that night in a tent!

We stopped for some Tiger Chai tea and Boba for the girls.

Arizona Coffee Brewing Co. is a nice place to hang out. There is a wood stove, couches, and games to play.

The girls played cards and Nina did some painting.

A nice couple we met at the coffee shop suggested we hike the Mongollon Rim trail.

It was nice, short, easy trail and we enjoyed it.

The trees and rocks are amazing.

Mimi is telling us (from reading the posted info) that this Douglas Fir and this Alligator Juniper growing together is a rare phenomenon because they each require such different environments to grow in.

This area has the largest population of Ponderosa Pines in the world!

We ran into that same couple heading onto the trail when we were heading out. They had their kids with them. Their four kids are the exact same ages as four of ours. That was neat.

We did a drive thru lunch at Alibertos.

Then went on a crazy, insane hike to The Ice Cave

It wasn’t that it was so long or so steep, but it was so rocky and muddy!

I do not recommend this hike unless you are a horse or riding on one!

Yes, we made our safety chain and tested out the frozen river.

There were several very wet crossings.

Some yummy nuts to eat we learned about on the Rim Trail earlier

Some wild, gnarly trees (giant Alligator Junipers)

Cool rocks and miss

And the girls new favorite fascination , cactus.

A pretty reservoirs

Lots of animal tracks and poop

Rich black soil I want a truck load of back home in my garden.

And I came five feet from stepping on a gray fox.

It was getting late and I forgot all of my protective weapons and gear in the car, so it was time to turn around (without ever finding the cave) and return two grueling miles back to the car.

It’s a good thing Mimi put a leash on Nina. Her little legs were toast by this time. All of us were aching from our thighs to our toes!

My fitness pal says we put 10 miles in today. I believe it!

We made it back in two hours and were ready to clean two inches of mud off our shoes, shower and go to dinner.

Charlie Clark’s has a really yummy steak salad.

We are exhausted. Time for a good night’s sleep as we prepare for a long drive tomorrow.

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

4 thoughts on “Day 31

  1. The Southwest must be famous for those HUGH cinnamon rolls. One day I had one at place called the Jailhouse in Texas. Wow, reading about tornadoes at the place where you guys camped gives me chill bumps.
    I am really enjoying reading the blog of you ladies, and I usually read it while I drink my morning coffee. Take care, be safe, have fun. Lov all


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