Days 34 & 35

Not sure if it’s the time zone difference or my lack of great eating habits on this trip, but I am seriously feeling the drain. I am limping two days together here because I couldn’t stay up late enough last night to post.

There is a Starbucks on the golf course at Orange Tree resort. I walked there and got some coffee early before the girls woke up.

It was a beautiful morning.

I brought the girls back here for breakfast when they woke up.

Dragon Fruit drink

Then we went for a mid morning hike before the Arizona heat.

We did the Papago Trail to the Hole in the Rock

Standing in the Hole in the Rock

After our hike we went to check out Old Town Scottsdale.

There are plenty of cactus candy options here.

And many shops of Indian arts, crafts, and handmade jewelry.

There are some whimsical shops with Route 66 paraphernalia as well.

We spent some time on a fine art gallery.

Lots of American paintings.

Mimi tilted the frame of an $88,000 painting and I decided it was time for us to leave the art gallery. So we got a handful of the free jelly belly’s and made it out of there without having to mortgage the house.

Found more really cool cactuses in town.

And trees.

I can’t even believe I have been married longer than this tree has been growing. I am old!

We got lunch at the Grapevine

We hit the Antique store the kids have been anxious to visit since it is advertised to have 130 vendors.

We spent a WHILE in there!

Then ice cream time!

Nina and Becca prefer s Herbert.

They put cotton candy on top of your milkshake. That’s cute.

We went back to the resort fir an early evening swim.

Out to Thai for dinner

The portions are huge here!

And the Thai tea, perfect.

Day 35

We drove to Flagstaff today. It was a nice drive with lots of deserts, mesas, plateaus, Mountain View’s, and a new discovery spot.

The Aqua Fria monument

This is a 78,000 acre monument to explore with 4WD. Everybody brought their Polaris’s. All we had was a 2004 Sequoia. But if I had brought Dramamine, we would have tested what the girl could do!

As we neared Flagstaff, the snow capped mountains came into view.

It was 20 degrees warmer here in the afternoon than it was when we left Scottsdale in the morning.

Our condo is awesome and it overlooks the mountains.

The view from our deck.

Even a Mountain View from the master suite hot tub.

I should go ahead and say that if you are following my blog this far, then you are close enough to us to share resort booking info with you. You can request to learn about available vacation rentals we open up at:

All the units are well equipped with kitchen, washer/dryer, and all the basics you need.

We couldn’t reach a new town and not locate all the antique stores.

I’m collecting old license plates of every state along Route 66 this time.

Nina is searching for tiny bowls and miniature kitchen utensils.

Mimi and Becca are into Vintage perfume bottles and lockets.

They all found treasures at Blue Moon

It’s cool how they up for these old buildings downtown into modern shops, like this outdoor store where we found trail guides for the Canyons.

And this bakery

Ok! So now I am caught up on the last two days of our journey.

Question. Would you prefer two days at a time or do you like getting updates every day?

Good night all.

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Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

2 thoughts on “Days 34 & 35

  1. Great pictures of all the Grady group and the scenery. You must be getting close to the amazing Grand Cannon, and the vast size of it will thrill you.
    Your blog is great, and I look forward to checking with it each day and actually recognize some pictures that remain the same, as when I lived in the dessert many years ago, that haven’t changed. Nature remains the same unless disturbed. I try to share the blogs with Brenda since she says she don’t get them, but she is missing seeing all the great pictures of the girls having such a marvelous time. However, she tells me that when they call she can tell they are. Love to all


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