Day 43

A day in Palm Springs, CA

First time staying right next to a golf hole. Felt like a ball could drop in my coffee at any time.

The reality of eating out every meal on this trip on our wallet and my waistline set in today and we decided to go to Trader Joe’s and get food for the next 4 meals. Saved $150 doing that and got some healthier choices.

We wanted to go to the Thousand Palms Oasis, but it was closed so we went to the smaller oasis nearby. The hike was a hot, sunny, half mile walk. The shade of the palms was nice.

I must admit I was a little frightened of something wild having found refuge from the hot desert in these palms, hence the scream from a palm leaf blowing in the wind. 🤪

We then spend the afternoon in The Living Desert. There was a lot to see there and we only had two hours before closing so it was more rushed than we wished.

Mountain goats

My favorite! Camels!!!

A camels lips are awesome.🤣

And amazing giraffes. These truly are incredible creatures.

So many cool plants and cactuses

And snakes. The venomous ones.

Mimi wants a Great Horned Owl

There is a miniature model of the Grand Canyon with the train going around it. That was cool since we were just in the canyon a couple of weeks ago.

Could have spent 3-4 hours in this park and taken our time.

We had a nice relaxing night at the hotel pool and made a healthy dinner in our room.

On our hike to the oasis today we talked all about the different major natural disasters; tornados, hurricanes, volcanos, typhoons, and earth quakes.

Since we are currently on the San Andreas fault, we all piled up on the bed and watched Superman to see some potential effects of an earthquake with a rating of 10 on the rictor scale. I made a nice pot of decaf to avoid eating popcorn. A very nice day.

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