Day 53-54

Big Bear Lake, CA

This is certainly a place to come for skiing, but we didn’t have time this trip. Will save skiing in Big Bear for another year.

We did find an awesome trail that has great views of the lake.

Castle Rock Trail

After a nice, hearty breakfast at the Grizzly Manor cafe.

This trail is steep and climbs 833 feet in elevation.

You are already starting at 7000 feet+, so it feels much longer than a mile to the top.

It’s a really nice trail , climbing along a stream for much of the way. It has massive boulders to climb and explore.

Crevices and Caves

Really big trees

Little waterfalls

Big pine cones

Cute hikers

Nice views of Big Bear lake

And you can’t miss the castle rock

And if you ever wondered if it snows in California, check out Big Bear in April! Still snow on the ground.

After our hike, we stopped at the Honey shop for a little tasting .

Don’t let Becca’s expression deter you. Only one honey tasted like sweet horse manure, the others were delicious. We just happened to tarts that one last, just before this pic.

We will be leaving California in a couple of days so I wanted to mine for gold while we were here.

They have an old western town set up at this mining business.


We waited in line for an hour (due to Co-vid) so I got to tell the girls all I knew about the California gold rush in 1855. When it was our turn, they were sold out of gold. 😏

So the girls mined for rocks and sharks teeth.

We went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Azteca Grill. Their kids meal burrito is really good.

We sat on the patio. Really pretty day.

We went shopping in The Village. Lots of great shops and restaurants all in a small area.

We did some antiquing.

We went back to the resort for a while. The girls checked out all their treasures they found today while I worked for an hour.

Then we went back to The Village for Indian food for dinner. No pictures because I left my phone in the car. But the Himalayan restaurant is yummy.

We came “home”, piled up on the bed and watched the new episode of When Calls the Heart. (Our Sunday evening tradition for the last 7 weeks).

Did a load of laundry, slept well, leaving Big Bear today for a long drive North. Wonder where we are going? You’ll just have to read our blog in a few days. 😊


Published by gradybunchmom

Mother of seven. Living the adventure on our own terms and loving every step of the journey. Beginning this blog to chronicle our trip across the country and take our family and friends “with” us.

2 thoughts on “Day 53-54

  1. Just chanced upon your blog after searching for “life” in the WordPress dashboard (while procrastinating famously). Love the photos. I’ve heard of “Big Bear” before, but never imagined it as a place. Love the kids activities.


    1. Awesome! Thanks for reading! Yes, Big Bear is definitely a “place”. Lots of things to enjoy in every season here. Summer on the lake looks delightful. We will definitely be back here again one day.


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