Day 57

The Valley of Fire in Nevada

This was definitely one of our favorites!

Unbelievable rock formations and sand. The colors are beautiful.

And we saw wild Big horn sheep!!!!

Becca at the Beehives

So many caves and shady spots

The sand is incredible. Warm on top, cool a few inches down, and so fine!

Purple in places

Check out the different colors in the rock formations.

We e person Ed our first slot canyon!!! These are amazing.

It’s part of the 1.5 mile White Domes loop.

The girls were lizard catching a while so I sat and enjoyed the view.

Nina and I found our hand rock about half way down this trail.

This place is really really neat. It can easily take all day to just see the marked spots. We only had time to hike two trails.

The kids found a Bearded Dragon on the Mouses Tank trail, so that was their favorite.

Nina found a bedroom for everybody in the family. The nooks and caves make great shady rest spots from the strong Nevada sun.

The ride through the park is fantastic. I want to bike it next time we come. Perfect biking hills .

Exiting the park on the East side we headed to Utah. We drove through Virgin Canyon. It was stunningly beautiful, but driving and couldn’t take photos. Want to hike through that one day.

Had dinner in Hurricane, Utah

This is a great little hometown place!

We took a little dip in the hotel pool before bed.

Girls swam while I roasted in the hot tub.

First time in Utah. It is much more beautiful than I ever imagined. Excited about spending a couple of days here.

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