Day 58

Zion National Park

This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

Let me just give you one bit of advice, maybe two.

Plan at least one day AHEAD, before you drive up to the park like a dear in headlights thinking you’ll just drive in and drive around and see what you want to explore.

You can’t drive in.

It’s either go on a shuttle bus, private shuttle, walk, or bike.

And don’t bike. It is NOT the best park for bikers, just saying.

And if you DON’T reserve the shuttle the day before you go, you will have to get a private shuttle for $40 per person. How do I know this? Ahem.

We started at the Grotto and hiked the Emerald Pool trail for a bit longer hike with better views.

Lots of juicy prickly pear cactus the girls wanted to check out.

You get a little splashed underneath the falls, but it feels good.

Next we went to the Narrows. This was our favorite hike of the day.

People had water trecking gear on. We didn’t.

We went anyway.

The rock is so brilliant.

The sand is the color of cocoa powder.

The squirrels are very aggressive, but fluffy and cute and hard not to feed. ($100 fine)

I think maybe Becca accidentally dropped some cheese because he came right under her to have his snack.

This hike is absolutely amazing.

We only hiked a couple of bends and stopped at knee high water because the girls didn’t have appropriate shoes for the rushing water. Two of them lost one of their Croc’s and we had to catch them downstream.

We saw wild turkeys there.

We bit into the sweetest orange ever waiting for our shuttle.

We finished our day on the Watchman’s Trail for a sunset view. It was pretty steep and we were tired so we didn’t go all the way up.

I definitely want to come back here and do ALL the trails one day. It is just beautiful.

We bought the girls some new Birkenstock’s in the cute little village (they have put over 350 miles on their sandals these last 58 days.) while we waited on our table and had dinner just outside the park. A nice way to end our day.

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