Come along with us on our journey west!

Across the country we go…

We are not Lewis and Clark. We are The Grady Bunch and our Adventure begins now!

Hey there. I’m Anjie Grady, the Mom.

I guess you could say “OUR” adventure began in 1998, with the birth of our first daughter, Hannah. Followed by our next daughter, Samantha, and our next, Katherine, and well, you get the idea.

We have six beautiful, adventurous daughters, and one pretty awesome son that doesn’t complain too much about being surrounded by females.

A little back story…..

We homeschool, all seven of them. Life has been crazy. We have adventured many places in the last 23 years. We had our kids in pairs, 18 months apart. I have always said; “With our first “litter”, Hannah and Sam….” but “litter” sounds a little strange typing it out…so we’ll say “pair”. When we began homeschooling our first “pair”, Kindergarten brought our first adventure…

The girls filled their backpacks with water, a pencil, a journal, and snacks…

I filled my backpack with 6 month old, Katherine..

We headed out on our Lewis and Clark Expedition….

over hills, through forests, across bridges, and streams…

FIVE MILES to Grandmas house.

I may cry now as I remember those early beginnings of our homeschool adventure. Those three girls are now grown.

ONLY NOW, 18 years later are we able to take an adventure across the country, with our YOUNGEST THREE DAUGHTERS!

Miriam, Rebecca, and Nina (our last Kindergartener)

Thanks to Rebecca being 10, we get a FREE NATIONAL PARK PASS!

If you know me, you know I take LOTS of pictures. I will be posting them along our entire ROUTE! So, I hope you will follow our JOURNEY. Come out west with us, will ya!

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